Dionysius $625 USD + Shipping
Dionysius is a customized breyer model horse. He was created using a classic scale "Fairfax" breyer and resculpted to a forest kirin using apoxie sculpt. He was painted as part of the "Namopaimo" challenge for 2022. He measures approximately 12 inches long and 11 inches tall. He has tons of detail including hand sculpted fur and scales as well as intricate leaves and branches in his tree "horn". Dionysius was painted in natural colours with iridescent pigments mixed in for an extra fantasy touch. 
Dionysius is relatively fragile due to the long tail and tree horns, and will thus be shipped in a large box with lots of padding on each side. Please account for the added space which will increase his shipping cost to about $55-$65 within USA and Canada. I pack my items extremely well for shipping. 
Please read my policies tab in full before emailing to order.
Please send an email to janinehaq@gmail.com if you would like to purchase. 
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