Heliosphere $850 USD + shipping
"Heliosphere" is a completely one of a kind original sculpture. She has been created from premier air dry clay and apoxie sculpt over a wire and foil armature. She has been painted to an extremely iridescenct pearl gold with orange detailing. Her finish is high gloss using durable, high quality epoxy resin. 
Heliosphere is packed with detail including intricate scales, stripes, and fins. She has been created with no molds used or taken, and is a completely one of a kind sculpture. She will not be reproduced in any way. 
Heliosphere is approximately 8 x 8 x 6 inches in dimension. Due to the intricacy of her design she will require a large box to ship safely which may cost $60-$70 to ship within USA and Canada. 
Please read my "policies" tab in full prior to emailing about an order. If you would like to purchase Heliosphere, please send an email to janinehaq@gmail.com 
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