Quequinox Art is pleased to announce their participation in the 2021 edition of the Breyerfest "Horse of a Different Color" (see breyerhorses.com for information!) in the famous Artisan's Gallery. 
This virtual event will run from July 15th-18th, 2021. 
Quequinox Art will be hosting a virtual Artisan's Gallery during this time. Sales listings will be posted on this page, starting the Thursday evening of Breyerfest at approximately 6pm EST. 
Sales will include: 
-Custom painted Perihelion Resins
-Custom painted Percussion Resins
-Custom painted Cadence Resins
-exclusive Breyerfest Medallion
-Signed copies of "How to Sculpt a Horse with Polymer Clay" book 
-possibly blank resin copies
The majority of the sales will be listed as first come, first served buy it now offerings. Ensure you have a look early! There will be previews posted of the sales offerings on the Quequinox Art instagram and facebook pages. Pricing for customized pieces will range from $250-$700.
Please read my "Policies" page in full before ordering. 
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