Welcome to Quequinox Art, home to the sculptures by artist Janine Haq. Each piece is created by hand, using clay over a wire and foil armature. The equine figure tends to be the main focus of Janine’s work, with a unique style and emphasis on fantasy.
Janine has been creating these pieces since 2008 while completing her B.sch. in Psychology, and later her Msc. in Occupational Therapy. She has never had any formal art training, and is self-taught through online research and hands-on exploration. Her artwork has been sold to clients all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, England, and many more. 
Janine has created one of a kind sculptures in polymer clay, and has more recently ventured into having her work cast in resin. For the most up to date information on new work, please follow her on social media like Instagram and Facebook.

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