By placing an order, you are stating that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of the sale as stated on my policy pages.
Payment methods:
I accept payment via PayPal only, and these payments must clear my bank before shipping can occur. All of my sales are in UNITED STATES DOLLAR (USD) funding, including shipping costs. 
Please do not send PayPal payments to ANY of my email addresses; please wait for an invoice from me to make your payment. 
If you live locally to Toronto, C
anada, and would like to arrange payment by cheque or e-transfer, I can make an arrangement to calculate the exchange rate and accept this form of payment. 
I will not hold any model for a customer without a non-refundable deposit. Upon agreeing to purchase, we will come up with a timeline for the remaining payment to be made. If the remaining payment is not received in that time, I reserve the right to re-sell the piece to another party. Late payment constitutes a default.  Defaults will result in an order cancellation and risk exclusion from future sales. All deposits are non-refundable.
The deposit holds your piece for the agreed duration of time payments. If you have not made payments on your model or contacted me to make other arrangements after the deposit is made, and the time is up, your model will be sold to the next person and you will lose your deposit.
Time Payments:
On specified pieces, I will accept "time payments" which are like a layaway plan. This involves a deposit and a specified payment schedule. The schedule and amounts must be specified at the time of the sale and will be written on your PayPal invoice. By paying a deposit, you are agreeing to all the time payment terms. 
It is the buyer’s responsibility to remember the schedule and deadlines and honor them. No reminders or other forms of “pestering” from the artist will occur. If you default or miss a payment, NO REFUNDS will be given of any monies you have paid towards your piece and it will be sold to another person. 
Remember: I do NOT chase or pester customers for payments! I will cancel your order, resell the sculpture, and you will not receive a refund for any payments made. If you are going to miss a payment, email me and let me know. I am flexible as long as good communication is in place. 
Return Policy:
All sales are final. No returns may be issued unless the piece arrives damaged or there is some issue with the integrity of the artwork. 
I ship via Canada Post and they do NOT allow damage insurance on breakable items. They only allow insurance claims for loss. If your piece arrives damaged, I will work with you to have it repaired. If you do not want a repair and wish to return it, you must ship it back to me. I typically do not do partial refunds or any other sort of discounts. My items are packed extremely well for shipping. 
I use high quality materials on my artwork and expect that they will last a lifetime. However there is always risk for damage to items and insurance is always recommended on high-priced collectable items. If damage occurs to your artwork and you would like me to repair it, I would typically charge a fee but am happy to discuss options. Example of damage include the model getting knocked off a shelf, yellowing due to sun exposure, or resin turning “sticky” due to poor chemical composition. These things are not the responsibility of the artist and are risks that are taken with any art piece.  
I ship via Canada Post Expedited Post, Xpresspost, or Tracked Packet International. I do not use couriers unless specifically requested. Most of my sculptures cost a minimum of $40 to ship domestically due to the size and nature of the packing material. I do not gauge on shipping costs and will always provide a refund if I somehow overcharge the shipping. 
Please keep in mind that all of my online sales are conducted in USD (United States Dollars) however I pay for Canada Post shipping + insurance in Canadian Dollars. Due to this, the price you see on a packing label may appear different than what you paid, depending on the exchange rate. I convert prices at the time of shipping however, so customers are not paying extra or being overcharged for shipping.
I pack my sculptures with the utmost care for the multiple stages of shipping and vehicles that they must endure. I pack with layers of bubblewrap, foam, Styrofoam, and many inches on each side of packing peanuts. I do my absolute best and ultimately cannot be held responsible for damage in shipping. I will do what I can to work with you for repairs if something arrives damaged, but ultimately am not responsible for the post office. 
The photographs I take of your sculpture belong to me and I reserve the right to use them as I wish, including but not limited to selling prints, posting them online, or using them for tutorials.
Individuals are allowed to share my photos or their own personal photos of a purchased sculpture online as long as 1. Credit is given to me and a link to my website is provided and 2. No one is making monetary profit by doing so.
Clients cannot use my artwork or photographs of my artwork for monetary profit. This includes but is not limited to selling prints of photos of the sculpture, casting or otherwise reproducing the sculpture, using the sculpture in animations or videos, using photos of the sculpture for advertising of any sort, and using photos of the sculpture as illustrations for books or magazines. The only exception to this is if the client chooses to sell the actual sculpture.
I do not allow any of my sculptures, resin casts, or photographs of my work, to be reproduced in any form. The act of copying or adapting my work is a restricted act and is legally protected. Any adaptation will be legally regarded as a derived work; so if you adapt my artwork for resale, it will remain my work. I retain all rights to my work and if reproduction of my work occurs without express permission, I will legally reclaim profits made from these reproductions.
Sculptures are meant for personal display. If any other use is intended, please request my permission. 
Examples of use that is NOT allowed: 
-reproducing any of my artwork (e.g. casting or 3D printing) in whole or in part
-reproducing my work after it has been customized or altered 
-using my artwork or photographs of my artwork for any advertisements or marketing material
-using my artwork or photographs of my artwork for the sale of prints, products, or any other items 
-using photographs of my artwork for any sort of monetary profit, even if you have taken the photograph
-claiming any photographs or artwork I have done as your own
-using my artwork or photos of my artwork for video games, RPGs, or other online media 
-using my artwork or photos of my artwork on T-Shirts, Prints, magnets, or other materials
-selling or reproducing derivatives of my work, including but not limited to drawings or paintings of my work that you have done
-altering my work without disclosure and selling it as an original
-copying or any other creation of a derivative of my work in any way

Examples of use that IS allowed:
-sharing my artwork or photos of my artwork on social media (as long as the posts are not used in ANY sort of advertising)
-using my artwork or photos of my artwork for model horse shows (as long as you own the piece you are showing) 
-customizing or painting a blank resin that I sculpted (please claim the part you made and the part I made clearly as such) 
-drawing or painting a photograph of my artwork for personal use only (print sales are not allowed)
-selling the physical sculpture that you own to another person 
If you have any questions or concerns regarding above, please send an email to janinehaq@gmail.com.

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