Sale Instructions and Terms

Please read the “Polices” tab on in full before ordering. All sales are listed in USD (United States Dollar) and do not include shipping. Paypal only. To purchase an item, please send an email to (it’s a Q at the end, not a G!) with the following information: 1. Item name and number you are interested in 2. Name 3. Address 4. Paypal email address for invoice 5. Phone number (required by Canada Post) 6. Whether you need payments, and if doing payments, how much you are putting as a deposit and the schedule you will be paying the remainder in (please note, priority is given to paid in full orders). Sending a purchase email is a commitment to pay. Sales are first come first served. If you are the first offer for the item, you will receive a paypal invoice from me. Please do not send any payments prior to receiving a formal invoice. In cases where multiple people are interested in the same item, priority is given to emails received first (first come, first served). If the first buyer backs out, I will go to the next buyer in order. If you are too late to buy an item, I will do my best to let you know as soon as possible. Invoices are due on receipt. Once you receive the invoice, please pay within 12 hours maximum. If you no longer want the item or cannot pay, let me know asap so I can notify the next buyer. Payment plans will be accepted, only if no paid in full buyers are interested by end of day Sunday July 18th. I will notify all payment plan buyers by Monday July 19, 2021. I will mark items on my website as sold once they are paid, to the best of my ability. I cannot and will not accept sales offers by any other methods aside from the email address given ( Do not use private messages on social media for sales requests. Please ensure you review the “polices” tab on for payment plan terms and conditions. Please DO NOT email to purchase (PIF) unless you have money in hand and are ready to pay. If you are not able to pay right away, please request a “payment plan” on your email and let me know the schedule you would like to pay the item off on. If you commit to buying but do not pay your invoice within 12 hours, I will move on to the next buyer and cancel your purchase. You may also be excluded from future sales.I reserve the right to refuse sales to buyers for any reason, including but not limited to previous negative experiences or poor feedback. Please read the “Polices” document on in full before purchasing anything. By paying your invoice, you are agreeing to these terms.I do not guarantee LSQ for any of my work, as it is a subjective term and I am not experienced with showing. Please look at photos carefully and read the item descriptions in full. If you have any questions before purchasing, please send an email to Please do not rely on social media comments or DMs to get answers as those are difficult to monitor consistently.All prices are in USD including shipping prices. Shipping is $12-$15 for smaller items and $40-$60 for larger items within USA and Canada. Perihelions are usually $75+ for shipping within USA/Canada. Please note that due to parcel size, international shipping tends to cost about $120+ outside of Canada and USA for Cadence, Percussion, and Perihelion resins. Combined shipping may be possible depending on the item. Items are shipped via Canadapost. Items currently in stock will be shipped by the end of July 2021.