“Haworthia” Percussion Resin #13 $350 USD + Shipping
Haworthia is a customized version of my own “Percussion” resin. Each Percussion resin is customized, painted, and sold by the artist, no blank copies are available. Amaranth is #13 in the “Percussion” resin series. He will come with a certificate of authenticity with his number and signature from the artist. Percussion resins are “classic” or 1:12 scale and about 9 inches long and 7 inches tall. (due to the sculpted hair this model is slightly longer, about 11 inches long and 8 inches tall).
Haworthia was painted using pastel pigments to a dark chocolate palomino with dappling and tons of detail. He was customized with the head and legs repositioned. His hair has all been hand sculpted. Finally, he has been glossed using high quality epoxy resin to a durable, beautiful gloss finish. Due to the glossing process I use, there may be minor flaws in the finish such as bubbles or specks of pigment. Please look at photos carefully. 
Please review my “policies” tab before ordering. Please note I do not guarantee LSQ on any of my work as the term is subjective. Review all photos carefully before ordering. Shipping for Cadence and Percussion resins is usually about $45 within the USA and Canada.
To purchase this item, send an email to janinehaq@gmail.com
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