How to Sculpt a Horse with Polymer Clay $40 USD Signed $50 USD
"Geared toward the novice sculptor, this book goes through the process of sculpting a horse in polymer clay. Learn how to make an armature, and how to create a horse step by step. "How to sculpt a horse in polymer clay" includes tips on baking, tools, and detailed anatomical illustrations. The book includes over 150 pages of full colour photographs and over 10 years of knowledge."
This book is available on amazon for $40 USD across various countries and ships directly from amazon to customers. As the artist/author, I do not retain my own print copies.
For Breyerfest, I am offering signed copies of the book for $50 USD + Shipping from me to customers (About $15 within USA and Canada). Once you purchase a signed copy, I will buy the book on amazon and have it shipped to me, sign it, and ship to you. Alternately you are welcome to buy the book directly from amazon to save shipping costs without signature. Please look up the book on your home country amazon to get the best shipping and currency rates. It is available in most countries!
I can combine shipping for signed books with other items.

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